heat shrink tubing

DID YOU KNOW Heat Shrink Tubing has a wide variety of uses in modern day technology and electrical components? Our cabling products insulate and identify cable bundles for wiring. We produce an assortment of colours and ratio sizes. Choose from dual or thin wall heat shrink tubing products. All of our heat shrink tubing products come with UL CSA-MIL & medical approvals.

thermal insulation cables

DID YOU KNOW We supply a range of expandable braided & retrofit woven PET? Our expandable braided & retrofit woven PET are manufactured from synthetic monofilments. These are designed to give a mechanical, thermal & acoustic insulation for electrical wiring

expandable braids

DID YOU KNOW One of our developments is a line of thermal protection products? The main purpose of thermal protection products are they act as heat shields. The materials that Krempfast Ltd use serve as a sufficient protection barrier against most oils, brake fluids, fuels & grease and other low strength acids & caustic liquids.


DID YOU KNOW Krempfast supply an extensive range of copper tubing terminals? Our sleeving comes in silicone & neoprene sleeving & tubing and are suited to environments like defence markets, aerospace & mass transit.