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Military Defence Cabling

Krempfast military defence and aerospace products include a number of cabling applications for which they serve the purpose of insulation, identification and protection against chaffing, abrasion and corrosion. Heat shrink is design using composites of polyolefin or floropolymer as it serves a multitude of uses in military vehicles around the world.

Where heat is built up in mechanical components and systems, heat shrink cabling allows friction to take place without causing damage amongst highly complex circuitry. Our products are manufactured and approved for the supply of Military Defence service, repairs and maintenance to the Army, Navy, Royal Airforce and Marines.  

Why Buy Heat Shrink Tubing From A Manufacturing Supplier in the UK?
Krempfast are both manufacturers and suppliers of cabling and sleeving products distributing to Military Defence services where vehicle manufacturing, service or repair is performed. We have a phenomenal product range of military heat shrink sleeving and offer bulk buy prices. Suited to your needs, we will arrange urgent shipping tracked to can guarantee your products are with you as soon as you need them. Order by phone today on 01942 233 242 or send Krempfast your heat shrink product requirement using our contact form to take advantage of manufacturing discount price supply.

Automotive Cabling

Made of polyolefin or fluoropolymer, these two composites are what make heat shrink products a remarkable product for wire protection components. Heat shrink tubing is by far a integral component towards automotive wiring applications in all functioning vehicles , cars and energy friendly cars and popularly supplied to use for mechanical protection, electrical insulation, corrosion and abrasion protection where temperature can differentiate between -270 to 260 degrees.

In order for cars to be impeccably safe to function and used whilst continually maintaining life longevity, where heat is concerned, it means working components can be protected by fire retardant tubing and therefore as each working component, pass safety inspections.

Whilst heat shrinkable tubing presents itsself as a suberb molecular heat prevention, it is also dually used to conform wiring identification, colour cable bundling and strain relief.

Krempfasts are both manufacturers and suppliers of cabling & heat shrink tubing solutions in the UK assisting engineering and maintenance teams in the Automotive Industry including Formula One Racing Division to Motor Racing around the world.

With many products designed specifically for the supply of auto-sport, commercial vehicle repairs, service and maintenance, means you will get the best price from Krempfast Manufacturing and Supplies.

Krempfasts supply approved DR-25 tubing and mouldings from the latest TE Connectivity label for Diesel Resistant heat shrink tubing fro (Raychem Corp).

Why Buy Heat Shrink Tubing From A Manufacturing Supplier in the UK?
We offer a no nonsense bulk buy service for any vehicle product manufacturer, vehicle service repair where we will facilitate your heat shrink sleeving needs. With a range of urgent shipping tracked services, we can guarantee your products are in your hands as soon as you need them. Order today by phone today on 01942 233 242 or contact form today to take advantage of manufacturing discount supply.

Reasons Why Heat Shrink Is A Purposeful Product For Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering often includes numerous connections and joining of components to allow fluid flow of current which calls for an appropriate connectivity method. Heat shrink provides an effective option for termination, sealing, seams, identification as well as insulation. It basically refers to a type of plastic tubing (expanded and extruded) that is designed to contract when exposed to heating. Heat shrink tubing are mostly used for electrical, electronic, cable management and telecommunication industries for many purposes both for interior and external connections. They are also used by plumbers to connect tubes and pipes. Heat shrinks are made of nylon or polyolefin materials that are designed to shrink to product a watertight seal and thereby clamping and joining the material inside.

Purpose of Heat Shrink in Electrical Engineering

Professional electrical engineers have great utility for heat shrink tubing mainly because they can be moulded for several different properties to suit varied connections. They can be used for various electrical applications but most commonly to join wiring.

Heat Shrink Application

The extruded/un-shrunk tubing is usually fitted and positioned to where the joint meets. It is then heated to contract and make connections robust and safe with additional use of lubricants to ensure easy joining without compromising the tubing. They also come in varied shrinking ratios depending on the type of connection needed.

Some benefits that electricians can experience in the use of these products include;

Offers protective sealant – Heat shrinks can be used to provide protection against dust and water for electrical cables in cars and other large transport vehicles.

Insulation – There are flame retardant versions of heat shrink tubing that are perfect for insulating electrical cables from flames and chemicals. This can be used in vehicle and boat connections to prevent fires during over-heated engineering malfunctions.

Identification – Heat shrink provide excellent identification that can be used to indicate places where a different cabling component begins. They are also used to identify joints as well as different cables since they come in various colours that can be used to route wires in confined areas.

Grip and strain relief – Heat shrink tubing can be used to form grips that fit well in electrical holding equipment. This is also an alternative for worn out grips and strained cables.

Soldering – Electricians have adapted to using heat shrink tubing instead of soldering which is less efficient. They offer perfect insulation by covering/coating the seams in addition to the exterior casing that acts as a guard.
Heat shrink is a versatile electrical accessory that is of great utility in both industrial (telecommunication, plumbing) and home application. They are made of heat retardant materials that are effective in preventing fire spread from surges and insulate cables from energy loss. Their application range from general small scale cable repair to industrial manufacturing of vehicles including cars and HGVs. The availability of offering a variety of colours and identification codes greatly helps the distinction as well as connectivity.


ATUM 3:1/4:1 High Shrink Polyolefin Tubing

The ATUM hosing comes in 2 tubing ratios of 3:1 & 4:1. The polyolefin material is a heat shrink tubing designed to be flexible to ensure fluids can flow seamlessly in transition whilst installed in restricted spaces. It’s heat shrinkable composition means it has flexibility and resistance.

What is the ATUM 3:1/4:1 suitable for?

This adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable tubing is suitable for mechanical protection, back end protection, cable splices, electrical components & cable jackets. It efficiently bonds to plastics including polyethylene, PVC, metals including aluminium.


ATUM 3:1 heat shrinkable tubing

How ATUM heat shrinkable tubing works?

The tubing provides sealing and strain relief where by when the internal adhesive coating reaches minimum shrinking temperatures of 80 + degrees , the adhesive flows to form the seal to ultimately prevent moisture penetration. ATUM tubing has a 3:1 shrink ratio to conform easily to the shapes of various connectors and sensors making it excellent for mechanical protection. Minimum full recovery is -110 degrees.

Specifications & Approvals

RK-6024 (colours & transparent)

RW-2063 (black)

ULE85381, 600V 100 degree (black only except size 4/1)

About our other products

As manufacturers of plastic specialists products, we produce over 90 different industry tubing ranging from heat shrink to braiding and neoprene sleeving which are exported in today’s global market to military & automotive divisions. Krempfast heat shrink products enable us to produce identification marks and colours for our customers for all fluid and electrical & mechanical based tubing.

Additional information

Material safety data sheet available on request

Installation instructions available on request.

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DR25 Heat Shrink Tubing

The Raychem DR 25 is a heat shrink tubing designed to be flexible to ensure fluids can flow seamlessly in transition whilst installed in restricted spaces. It’s heat shrinkable composition means it has flexibility and resistance.

How DR25 has been designed?

The DR25 is made from a radiation cross linked elastomeric material specially formulated to withstand high temperatures of fluid resistance long term. As an abrasion resistant tubing, this allows the temperatures to fluctuate from anything of -75C upto +150 C. It has the capacity to shrink to 50% of its supplied diameter when reaching temperatures over and above normal atmosphere temperatures.

What is the DR25 suitable for?

DR25 heat shrink tubing is an ideal product for jacketing material in military vehicles, specifically used for cables and harnesses as they are flame retardant.


Krempfast Raychem DR25


MIL-DTL-23053/16 except 1/8 and 3/16

VG95343 Part 5 Type D

VDE 0341/Pt 9005

Def Stan 59-97 Issue 3 Type 6B

BS 3G 198 Part 3 10A

Krempfast Specification

Raychem Specification RK 6008/1

Material safety data sheet available on request

Installation instructions available on request.

About our other cabling products

As manufacturers of plastic specialists, we produce over 90 different products ranging from heat shrink to protective sleeving, and export in a global market to the aerospace and military divisions. Krempfast heat shrink products enable us to produce identification marks and colours for our customers.

Additional information

Material safety data sheet available on request

Installation instructions available on request.

DR25- Krempfast

Vehicles our DR25 products are used.

Downloadable datasheets


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