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Automotive Cabling

Made of polyolefin or fluoropolymer, these two composites are what make heat shrink products a remarkable product for wire protection components. Heat shrink tubing is by far a integral component towards automotive wiring applications in all functioning vehicles , cars and energy friendly cars and popularly supplied to use for mechanical protection, electrical insulation, corrosion and abrasion protection where temperature can differentiate between -270 to 260 degrees.

In order for cars to be impeccably safe to function and used whilst continually maintaining life longevity, where heat is concerned, it means working components can be protected by fire retardant tubing and therefore as each working component, pass safety inspections.

Whilst heat shrinkable tubing presents itsself as a suberb molecular heat prevention, it is also dually used to conform wiring identification, colour cable bundling and strain relief.

Krempfasts are both manufacturers and suppliers of cabling & heat shrink tubing solutions in the UK assisting engineering and maintenance teams in the Automotive Industry including Formula One Racing Division to Motor Racing around the world.

With many products designed specifically for the supply of auto-sport, commercial vehicle repairs, service and maintenance, means you will get the best price from Krempfast Manufacturing and Supplies.

Krempfasts supply approved DR-25 tubing and mouldings from the latest TE Connectivity label for Diesel Resistant heat shrink tubing fro (Raychem Corp).

Why Buy Heat Shrink Tubing From A Manufacturing Supplier in the UK?
We offer a no nonsense bulk buy service for any vehicle product manufacturer, vehicle service repair where we will facilitate your heat shrink sleeving needs. With a range of urgent shipping tracked services, we can guarantee your products are in your hands as soon as you need them. Order today by phone today on 01942 233 242 or contact form today to take advantage of manufacturing discount supply.