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Military Defence Cabling

Krempfast military defence and aerospace products include a number of cabling applications for which they serve the purpose of insulation, identification and protection against chaffing, abrasion and corrosion. Heat shrink is design using composites of polyolefin or floropolymer as it serves a multitude of uses in military vehicles around the world.

Where heat is built up in mechanical components and systems, heat shrink cabling allows friction to take place without causing damage amongst highly complex circuitry. Our products are manufactured and approved for the supply of Military Defence service, repairs and maintenance to the Army, Navy, Royal Airforce and Marines.  

Why Buy Heat Shrink Tubing From A Manufacturing Supplier in the UK?
Krempfast are both manufacturers and suppliers of cabling and sleeving products distributing to Military Defence services where vehicle manufacturing, service or repair is performed. We have a phenomenal product range of military heat shrink sleeving and offer bulk buy prices. Suited to your needs, we will arrange urgent shipping tracked to can guarantee your products are with you as soon as you need them. Order by phone today on 01942 233 242 or send Krempfast your heat shrink product requirement using our contact form to take advantage of manufacturing discount price supply.